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In the USA, our Smilestones comic has been listed as one of the best patient education products tested by CRA (Clinical Research Associates) in 2002!

Make sure you check out Frankie Loses A Tooth and pickup some valuable info should you damage a tooth during sport or play.

While your here make sure you check out all the Smilestone content. Sing along with the Smilestone theme song, play the fun teeth cleaning game and read some of the Smilestones stories! Just scroll down and check out the links!

Join me and others in our village! Hi Guy's! My name is Willy Wisdom and I live here on Smilestone Island with all the other lost, mistreated and unwanted teeth that children don't want or need anymore. The Queen of the Tooth Fairies brought the first unwanted tooth, Angus McCavity, here many years ago. She retired and left Angus to continue her work while she cares for our islands environment. Over time, there's been many additions to Smilestone Island like the amusement park, and Smilestone Village has grown!

To your right you will notice Smilestone Island, thats where we all live, click on it to explore it and meet my friends!! You'll find little Lenny the baby tooth on one of the rides, Danny Decay will be hunting around for sweets and Kelly Canine will be bopping along to her music wherever she is! Watch out for the Plaque Shark and his sidekicks, the Tartar Twins, as they may try to tempt you into helping them out with promises of candy and other things that can hurt your teeth! Are you ready to have some fun?
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